Volume 1 Table of Contents

Sweat Equity, Marxism, and Musical Theatre Factory
Shakina Nayfack

Journey On
Steve Wargo

Casting Evita in 2017 and Beyond
Lauren Villegas

A Writer’s Rights
Ralph Sevush

“Just a Kiss” from Borders
Arri Lawton Simon
& Janine McGuire

“I’ll Never Forget That Subway Ride:” Living In Transit
Sara Wordsworth

Writing in the Regions
David Hudson

“Janey’s the Baby” from One Good Day
Rona Siddiqui & Liz Suggs

Cultivating Untold Stories
Joe Barros

“I Do What I Know How To Do”
Sam Pinkleton

The BFA Musical Theater Student Survey

“The Future” from This Clement World
Cynthia Hopkins

Texts, Scripts, and Inclusive Theatre
Jay Alan Zimmerman

Mentor & Mentee; or, Jedi & Padawan
Frank Wildhorn & Michael Mott

Getting to Know You: Why New Musicals Matter to Regional Theaters
David Brush

The Two Behind Murder For Two
Joe Kinosian & Kellen Blair

“All I Want To Do Do Do is Dance:” Marilyn Miller, The First Triple-Threat
Hannah Hammond

Photos from The Dressing Room Project
Michael Kushner

Filling In the Gaps
Stephen Cabral

“I Love You Always” from Popesical
Adam Overett

Chronicling The BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop
Patrick Cook & Frederick Freyer

“Coffee and Cigarettes” from Bliss
Jerome Parker

The Polyphone Festival
César Alvarez

Deep Love: Breaking Up With the Broadway Box
Trevor Bachman

“45 Minutes” from VOLCANO
Liz Kinoshita

Should Non-Equity Sign-Up Lists Be a Thing of the Past?
J. T. Diaz

Where Do I Find That Music? Building the Digital Storefront for (New) Writers
David Sisco & Laura Josepher

Thoughts Before Sightreading
Jonathon Lynch

“White Girl in Danger” from White Girl in Danger
Michael R. Jackson

City Meditations
Julia Foulkes

Non-Traditional Entertainment Capitalism
Ruben Brache

Paul Ryan’s Selfie, or Broadway?
Luis E. Mora

Poutine On the Ritz
Ed Weissman

“Get Your Hands Dirty, Children!”
Tom & Michael D’Angora

Musicals and Improv Should Be Friends (Should Be Friends)
Sarah Mucek

“Charles Schirone” from The Washington Square Park Project
Ben Wexler

Les Mis & Buzz Aldrin & “My Heart Will Go On”
Elizabeth Sauter

“I, Samurai” from Peter and the Wall
Timothy Huang

A Sacred, Safe Space: Musical Theatre Factory’s People of Color Representation Roundtable
Sukari Jones & Natasha Sinha