Volume 2 Table of Contents


“I Am of My Generation”
Max Vernon
KPOP, The View UpStairs

A Broadway Debut in Bikini Bottom
Stephanie Hsu
SpongeBob SquarePants

Music As Listening, Personal Practice, And INstinct
Marisa Michelson
One Thousand Nights and One Day

Do it for love
Julie Gold
Composer-Lyricist & Songwriter,
“From a Distance”

Getting out of your own way
Heather Christian
Animal Wisdom

Career Snapshot
Rachel Bloom
Creator, Executive Producer,
Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Artists As Entrepreneurs
Beth Morrison
President and Creative Producer,
Beth Morrison Projects

My Musical Language Is Big
Lisa DeSpain
That Hell-Bound Train

Joy Is Ferocious And Breathes Fire
Orion Stephanie Johnstone
Human, Composer, Organizer

15 Billion Musicals Would Never Be Enough
Kirsten Childs
Bella: An American Tall Tale

Bringing the Trans/GNC Experience to the Stage
Dana Levinson, L. Morgan Lee, Cece Suazo, Kit Yan, Andi Lee Carter , Ianne Fields Stewart, Éamon Boylan, Preston Max Allen, and Shakina Nayfack.

What we Want to Write
Timothy Huang, Christine Toy Johnson and David Henry Hwang

Dramaturging New Musicals: Beehive Dramaturgy Studio
Molly Marinik, Jeremy Stoller and Natasha Sinha

Music DIrectors: Resonators, Administrators, Leaders
Madeline Smith, Britt Bonney, and Ian Axness 

Mission: The Big, Impossible Dream Play
Ari Schrier and Natalie Gershtein 


Work Excerpts

Lisa Lambert

Deepali Gupta

Will Aronson and Hue Park

Jahn Sood

Heather Christian

Oliver Houser

Marisa Michelson

Christine Toy Johnson and Bobby Cronin

Grace McLean

Preston Max Allen

Max Vernon

Benjamin Scheuer



Michael John LaChiusa

“You Might Make A Killing”… If You Don’t Starve First
EllaRose Chary

Why TYA?
Rachel Leighson

Wrestling Between God and Art
Orian Israelsohn

Say it Somehow: Depicting foreigners in American Musical Theatre
Katya Stanislavskaya

Going Eastbound: Creating a lMultilingual Musical
Joe Barros with Khiyon Hursey and Cheeyang Ng

On Bothness
Ian Axness

Check Your Ego, Guard Your Soul, Or: Work for Hire
David Spencer

No Deadline, no problem! Making Our Own Deadlines as Musical Theater Writers
Shoshana Greenberg

Vox Populi: The World of Musical Theatre Podcasting
Robert W. Schneider

Exhibiting Robbins
Julia L. Foulkes

Collecting the Art of Broadway
Mike Kleintop

Confederate Monuments, Race, and Casting the Broadway Musical in 2017
Warren Hoffman

Stop asking Black Performers to “Sound and/or Talk Blacker” During Auditions
Kevin Ray Johnson

Based on the Novel by: The History of Source Material for the Broadway Musical
Jeremy Scott Blaustein

Like All of us Do
Michael Kushner

The Evolution of the Broadway Musical Heroine: A Conversation with Katie Welsh
Donald Sanborn III and Katie Welsh